Centre Reception Tel: 01534 444 599

Vacancies on the General Committee

Honorary Secretary

We are seeking an Honorary Secretary whose duties include the preparation, recording and publication of the Minutes of the quarterly meetings, the maintenance of the Minute Book and providing other secretarial support where required.  This position will suit anyone with secretarial experience and familiarity with electronic communications. 

Fundraising Volunteers

We are looking to recruit a number of volunteers, to attend the Fundraising Meetings and to act as volunteers at the Diabetes Jersey fundraising events.

If you think that you can support the charity by fulfilling this role, please contact Bill O’Brien at ‘wobriendj@gmail.com’ for further information.

Recent News


Welcome to the highly anticipated “Living with Diabetes” Jersey Conference 2024 which takes place on Saturday 15 June 2024 from 9.30am to 5.00pm, doors opening

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Health and Community Services are now operating a Sharps disposal service, where Islanders can safely dispose of sharps. needles, syringes, lancets or clippers. Sharps (in

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Diabetes Walk 2024

SAVE THE DATE!!! The 2024 Diabetes Jersey North2South Walk is a key event for Diabetes Jersey, now in its 13th year and we usually have

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