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Since November 2019, representatives of Diabetes Jersey have met with the Minister for Health & Community Services (HCS), Deputy Richard Renouf, and his Director General, Caroline Landon. The purpose of the meetings was to enable the charity to suggest service improvements and raise concerns over the lack of technological devices then being provided to those with the condition.

From the outset, there was a recognition that improvements were required and in the interim the Director General and her team have worked with the charity in a very transparent way, which has resulted in additional funds in the 2021 Budget now being made available on a permanent basis to improve the care and support for those with diabetes. An additional consultant, specialist nurses, dieticians and podiatry staff will be recruited, and the provision of a specialist psychologist to help adults and particularly young people living with the condition will be offered.

The team at the Diabetes Centre will now also be able to offer those patients who are insulin dependent and who meet specific criteria, a wide range of technical devices to monitor their condition. This initiative has released the charity from the substantial ongoing need to fund these devices for children and young persons.

Bill O’Brien, Diabetes Jersey’s chairman, says, “I am grateful to both the Minister and Director General for listening to and acting upon our concerns and those of the patients that we represent. The action taken was swift, decisive and will undoubtedly greatly improve the level of care offered to those with the condition.”  Ends.

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