Type 1 Diet

It may come as a surprise, but all kinds of food are fine for people with Type 1 diabetes to eat. In the past, people were sent away after their diagnosis with a very restrictive diet plan. This was because the availability of insulin was limited and the type of insulin treatment was very restrictive. As insulin treatments have been developed to be much more flexible, the days of “do's and don'ts” are long gone. The way to go nowadays is to try and fit the diabetes and insulin around the same healthy, balanced diet that is recommended for everyone, with lots of fruit and veg and some food from all the food groups.

It is a good idea to include some carbs with your meals as, without carbohydrate, your insulin may cause blood glucose levels to drop too low. Healthier sources of carbohydrate include fruit and vegetables, pulses and wholegrain starchy foods, especially those that do not contain added salt, sugar and saturated fats.

It is very important to eat at roughly the same times when using a twice-daily insulin regime – your diabetes team can advise when this is best for you. It is less important to eat at the same times when using a basal bolus insulin regime because recommendations are usually to inject just before, during or just after eating.


  • a bowl of cereal with semi-skimmed milk
  • wholegrain toast with spread and/or jam
  • yogurt and fruit
  • a cereal bar and a glass of milk.


  • a chicken or ham salad sandwich...
  • a small pasta salad...
  • soup and a roll...

.... with a piece of fruit and yoghurt


  • lasagne and salad
  • roast chicken with potatoes and vegetables
  • beef stir fry, vegetables and rice
  • chicken tortillas and salad
  • salmon and noodles
  • curry and rice

Sometimes, you might need to eat a small snack between meals, to help keep blood glucose levels up. Regular snacks can make it difficult to maintain a healthy weight so check with the diabetes team for specific advice that is tailored for your diabetes management.

The healthiest snack choice is definitely a piece of fruit, but rice cakes, crackers, a couple of biscuits, a small bag of crisps, a cereal bar, or a yogurt are good snack choices too.

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